Holman Sports Snapback Hat


Holman Sports Management Group is a sports agency that specializes in professional athlete placement opportunities both in the United States and Internationally.

Holman Sports Management Group launched in 2018 with two immediate goals in mind.  First, create a sports placement agency that is "for athletes, by athletes." Regardless of the position within Holman Sports, anyone representing Holman Sports Management Group will have exceptional sports background.  As we continue to grow, we expect to expand our staff with brilliant athletes who want to continue being apart of the sports world by transitioning to player representation, scouting, marketing, and community outreach. With partnerships to some of the best skill development programs in the Southeast for our current and future clients alike, our athletes will be more than physically ready to contribute to their respective NBA, WNBA, NFL, MLB, or International professional clubs and federations, as we hold true to our "for athletes, by athletes" mantra. Second, we at Holman Sports Management Group take pride in not only the success of how our athletes perform in their profession, but how successful our athletes are outside of their respective professions.  We organize professional development and training in business and investment strategies, therefore each athlete we represent, develops an understanding of how to create generational wealth for themselves and their families.

Our intention is to not only develop phenomenal athletes, but phenomenal businessmen and businesswomen that will have a solid foundation once their playing careers end. We believe that our tailored approach to each athlete, by assisting and managing their individual career aspirations, is truly the right way - the Holman Sports way!